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This is so incredibly beautiful! From and Etsy artist in Latvia, these journals are made with natural wood and brown recycled paper. The ties that wrap around the closed book are made from jute. The binding (with coptic stich) is sturdy waxed linen thread. Custom engraving with your names and wedding date are included in the price. Simply gorgeous. A perfect engagement gift or wedding gift.
$95.00 USD at Crearting’s Etsy Shop

Beautiful handcrafted wooden rings. Custom work is available. Rings are created from salvaged lumber. One of the rings is made from Ancient Kauri which is the world’s oldest wood at 50,000 years old and was recovered from New Zealand.

Chicago Joinery is the website and rings are available for purchase at Etsy.

We know that hot-house flowers aren’t at all eco-friendly, so what can the eco-conscious bride carry at her wedding? These unusual and cleverly crafted bouquets are made using live succulent flowers. Not only do they look pretty, but they will survive your wedding day and can be planted in your garden or even in pots, as a long-lasting reminder of your special day.

The bouquets also contain birch wood roses, velvety mullein, dried yucca flowers and pom flowers. There are matching corsages and boutonnieres to go with the bridal bouquet which are also unusual and pretty.

Bouquet costs $100 from Bizzy Betty on Etsy and Boutonnieres cost $15 each.

A fun way to bring the natural theme to your wedding, this tree ring with pink faux flower and ribbon makes a picturesque ring pillow for your wedding day.

The tree rings are made to order, sanded and preserved with wood stain. They are about 4” in diameter and 1” thick, so not as chunky as they look in the photo. The ribbons come in the color of your choice.

Tree Ring Pillows cost $19.99 from the Little Wee Shop on Etsy.

I love the idea of handmade soap as wedding favors. These soaps, from Life Tree Botanicals have some yummy scents that you can choose from like: smooth peppermint, wild oats and apple, cedarwood chamomile and a bunch more. Life Tree Botanicals also offers gift baskets which would be a nice gift for your out of town guests. Check out the website for details on how to obtain a sample. Lead time for your event is 3 weeks.
Life Tree Botanicals

eco-friendly cake topper
The most adorable cake toppers created by artist, Ann Wood. Created by hand, using vintage fabrics, papers and lace. Can be customized. These are in high demand, so plan on 8-12 weeks for delivery.
$250.00 at Ann Wood Handmade

Created from recycled wood taken from larger jobs from joineries, these eco-friendly place holders will work to show folks where to sit and also provide a keepsake of your special day.
For prices and information: at Timber Tags

ecofriendly wedding journal
Here’s a handmade 100% wood-free paper journal that is made from recycled cotton waste in a chemical free process. This is perfect for your guestbook, for maids presents, or a photo journal. Or you could use it to write down all your planning notes and crazy thoughts as you get closer to the big day!! 7 x 7 x 0.5 (in.)
$24.95 at World of Good

eco friendly wedding photo journal
Handmade from 100% wood-free paper. This beautiful journal is handcrafted in India and through fair trade practices it gives jobs to rural craftsmen. Great for a wedding guest book or as a wedding photo album.
$24.95 at World of Good

I think it is an Italian tradition for the bride to give soap to her wedding guests.  These beautiful Olive Oil Soaps from WoodSprite are created with the finest whole or organic herbs and herbal extracts, distilled pure essential oils and cold-pressed, exotic organic fruit and nut oils and butters.  WoodSprite is commited to ecological sustainability as it is at the heart of their business.  It makes sense on the day that you join your heart with your loved one to have your favors come from folks who have their hearts in the right place. Many scents and colors to choose from!
$8.00 at WoodSprite

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